A fair results based fee

“A buyers advocate is a licenced real estate agent who represents the buyers interest.
They search, evaluate and negotiate the purchase of a property on behalf of the buyer.”

Free Strategy Session

What can I expect at my first consultation?

You can expect a friendly chat where we will ask you some
questions to get to know you and what you’re after in a property.

Every conversation is different but we may ask you about:

  • what you want to do
  • what your concerns or worries you have
  • what type of property you are after
  • what challenges you’ve faced up till now
  • how much can you really afford to pay
  • when do you need to buy the property
  • current market update

You can also expect us to answer all your questions or commit to
getting back to with an answer for any curly ones.

Do I have to go ahead after my first free meeting?

No, of course not! This meeting is about getting to know each other.


What We Do


We sit down to discuss your
property requirements and
what you are trying to achieve


We search for your property
including ”off market” and
on market property


Once the suitable property is
identified we look to establish
a maximum price we will go to.


Now the hard work begins as
we negotiate to buy the property
at a price that makes you happy!

"The best thing about my work is that I work for you"


Stay up to date with information about property prices, finance and investment strategies

Why Choose a Buyers Agent

Checklist - Buyers Advocates can help you check off everything you need to do.

Off Market Property - We have access to property just released or privately available for sale.

No More Stress - We can help with your anxiety at Auctions or dealing with agents .

Your Advantage - We are working for you every step of the way through the buying process

Negotiations - Now you have a professional negotiator on your side to get the best result.


"and all this on a fair result based fee"

About Fintrack & Richard Houston

Fintrack has been helping everyday Australians just like you to plan their lives be it buy or finance a home or to create a strategy to invest in property for a long term financial plan. Fintrack has been a Licenced Real Estate Agent since 2011.

Richard has all the educational qualifications you would expect from a professional advisor.

  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree
  • Diploma of Financial Planning RG146
  • Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking
  • Licenced Real Estate Agent

But more importantly Richard has over 25 years experience in business, finance and property. This allows him to help you plan your goals with prudent assessment and creative thinking. You are never alone on your journey as he will be there every step of the way to make it easy for you.

You can ring Richard on 0402 838 688 anytime.