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I believe in a Simple Idea

Your home plus 5 properties will change your world!

It started with a simple idea……
What if anyone could create wealth!

This is where the “5 + 1 Plan” was born. Buy 5 investment properties plus your Home and change your world forever!

I believe it does not matter if you are young or old, rich or poor. It is the fear and lack of education that is stopping you from achieving happiness and success.

You are too busy making money to create wealth and that is where we come in.

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  • How to use the “5 plus 1 Plan”

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If you had bought an Investment property in 2006 it may well have doubled by 2016. Where could you be in 10 years with our help?

What We Do for You

We help from the research through to settlement and more…

  • We help you overcome your fears
  • We help start building those dreams.
  • Get access to properties not available on public websites
  • We manage the process from reservation through to finish
  • We provide certainty for your future
  • Save time and money as we find the right property for you
  • We assess the deals and show you the numbers
  • We provide cashflows, capital growth and rental returns

What Happens at an Appointment

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Don’t be Stuck in the System

Become part of the 5% who are living their dreams


  • Go to school then get a Job
  • Get Married, have kids and buy that home
  • Struggle every week to pay the bills
  • Retire with an old home and no lifestyle


  • Sit down and develop a plan to buy 5 investment properties
  • Get the right people to help you achieve your goals
  • Commit to the plan and make it happen
  • Live the lifestyle you dreamed and deserve